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$11.00 per cap for orders of 1 to 23 caps.
$10.50 per cap for orders of 24 caps or more.

Text Box: Free Cap!
For every 12 caps you buy per order, Stinger Caps will give you one free cap, two free caps when you buy 24 caps, and so on in addition to the discounted price on orders of 24 caps or more!


$5.00 for 1-4 caps
$7.00 for 5-8 caps
$9.00 for 9-16 caps
$11.00 for 17-26 caps
27 caps and up, call for price

Custom Monogramming
You can have your caps personalized with custom monograms. Just let us know what you want to put on your cap, and we will do the rest.

Up to 12 characters per side     $1.50 per side
13 to 24 characters per side      $2.00 per side
(characters include punctuation and spaces, etc.)
More than 24 characters per side: Call 1-888-316-8063 for pricing.

We use white thread for most monograms, except on light colored caps where we use black thread. We have many thread colors in stock, so if you would like a special color, let us know - chances are we have it.

Custom Colors and Custom Stitching
If you need special stitching, mixed color panels, bills and/or bands (for example; a cap with alternating colors on the top) or anything not on the order form, we can probably do it. Just give us a call, write or send us an email describing your request and we will give you a price quote. Most specialty caps will cost about $1.00 more per cap. Call toll free 1-888-316-8063 for pricing.

It is more costly, both in time and materials, for us to make just one cap than it is to make several. So, as the number of caps that you order at one time in a special style increases, the price will come down. We are always looking for new colors, so if we receive enough requests for a new color we will start keeping it in stock and the cap will be available at no extra charge! So, even if you don't want to pay the extra fee, let us know what you would like us to carry and we may be able to include it in our inventory in the near future.


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